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" I can't say enough wonderful things about Kristina. I started using Kristina about a year ago. I am a taller woman, work in downtown Chicago, and could not find any decent clothes to wear to work. Kristina has designed, and altered existing patterns for me, copied my favorite pair of pants and made a pattern - her talents are amazing! My work wardrobe has certainly improved immensely - I have pants that fit properly both in the rise and the length, jackets that have amazing details, crop pants that are the right length, and blouses that are amazing. 

Kristina's sense of style, color choices, and unexpected detailing keeps my clothes interesting, and timeless. Right now Kristina is making an adorable Chanel-like jacket for spring - can't wait to see this! It will be another fabulous piece to add to my wardrobe! 

In addition, I had the wonderful experience of being Mother of the Bride last year. Knowing that I could never find something suitable in a store, I bought a dress pattern that needed to have 31 pieces altered in order for the pattern to fit. The pattern was absolutely stunning and Kristina made the dress absolutely more stunning with her suggestions to tweak little things here and there. I felt like a million bucks in my dress. It fit like a glove. Everyone complimented me on the finished product - even my ex-husband! The dress had roses on the shoulders and the right hip. 

Kristina worked on those roses for hours until she came up with just the right size, shape, and design for each rose. And, just so we didn't waste any fabric, Kristina made me a shawl that just took my breath away - it was a stunning addition to the dress. Kristina also made me a purse to match the dress and shawl. Just thinking about that dress makes me smile! I've also been trying to change a few things in my house. So a few weeks ago, Kristina made me pillows for my living room couch and chair, and she made me a piano bench cover. The workmanship is wonderful. Again, the attention to detail just makes the pieces look even more fabulous in my living room. I would recommend Kristina for any tailoring, sewing, or designing project! Don't even hesitate - just call her!"


Read what Sharon has to say about the Custom hats wardrobe Kristina designed for her daughter.

"Wow ! is all I can express . Kristina is heaven sent , she made the hats for my daughter and they were awesome . She created hats that were specific for my daughters situation , she has alopecia ( hair loss) and these hats she created really has boosted her self esteem . When I saw the hats I cried tears of unbelievable joy . Just watching my child ( 6 yrs old ) become overwhelmed with happiness really made me speechless . 

Kristina , took and old uniform dress from her school and matched up the print to be uniform with the dress . How creative is that , well I'll tell you , it's awesome , fantastic , fabulous , spectacular and wonder etc etc . 

In addition to the six hats I ordered , I also just ordered five more hats and I am getting for dinning room chair covers made as well as another hat later for my daughters picture day and maybe even a dress . I have been looking for the last two years for seamstress like Kristina . Success finally with spectacular results . My daughter will definitely be the bell of the ball , she can't wait to go to school , I'm so proud of my baby and so happy me and my husband found Kristina . 

God bless Kristina and her business , she is soooooo compassionate , gentle and kind , what an easy going person she is . She made me , my mom and my daughter feel comfortable about the whole situation . Kristina will be the one doing my window treatments , custom hats , dresses , work clothes and anything I need that she can make or create ."


"Thank you so much for making Olivia's Christening dress!  She looked so beautiful!  I received so many compliments!  I will send you pictures of her in the dress! Thanks again!"  - Rebecca Fiorentina

When you work with a seamstress, you want to know that your garment is in the hands of someone you trust.